Payment Methods

Payment Methods


MARTINA CASTELLANI accepts the following payment methods:


In order to receive further protection on e-commerce transactions, MARTINA CASTELLANI suggests to activate the PIN codes of security given by Verified by Visa and SecureCode by Mastercard. For further information, MARTINA CASTELLANI invites customers to visit the websites


If funds are sufficient and data correctly inserted, the transaction will be automatically authorized.

Customer will then receive an email of the order confirmation.

The amount authorized is temporarily blocked on deposit as a request of payment; the amount is then settled the following working day, while processing the order (shipment of the order or deposit invoice for pre-orders).


By clicking on bank transfer as payment method, customer automatically receives the order confirmation. In the order confirmation, customers are able to find all the necessary information (bank details, etc.) to complete the payment to MARTINA CASTELLANI bank account.

Payment must be completed and confirmed within 48 working hours from the order placement. Customers are kindly asked to send proof of payment via email ( MARTINA CASTELLANI reserves the right to cancel orders whose proof of payment was not sent after the allowed 48 hours.

Order will be processed the same day the payment is received on the bank account of MARTINA CASTELLANI.

In order to proceed with the bank transfer, here are the bank details: MARTINA CASTELLANI - BANCA SELLA IBAN: IT 32 F 03268 01600 052671187810 BIC / SWIFT: SELBIT2BXXX



MARTINA CASTELLANI would like to inform new customers that MARTINA CASTELLANI reserves the right to request a check on the transaction to the bank. Such check might cause delays in the order processing.

Also, MARTINA CASTELLANI may require that the merchandise will be shipped to the billing address of the order, when different from the shipping address.