The project “VIRTUAL ATELIER BY MARTINA CASTELLANI” Was born from the idea to create a research tailoring lab.

The words VIRTUAL and ATELIER, belonging to two opposite worlds are combined to create a specific concept.

VIRTUAL because it takes place online, on the internet area, an abstract box achievable from different people all over the world.

Whereas the word “ATELIER” shows Martina Castellani’s passion for tailoring and pattern making traditions through which garments are handcrafted by expert technicians.

The central thread is the ongoing renovation. “When an object is produced for the mass market it looses its charm and glamour and it becomes boring” According to Martina’s vision of fashion.

For this reason every month will be launched a drop including special pieces to combine Martina’s continuos desire to create with the audience curiosity.

Considering the current world always shifting  “VIRTUAL ATELIER BY MARTINA CASTELLANI” is thought to stop and appreciate great things with their histories.